ms. kasia dude does blogust

My automatic response to the question, “So what do you want to do with an English degree? Teach?” is “No,” an answer that has been honed to timely perfection over the past four years. Naturally, now I’m a teacher.

I teach kids with learning disabilities skills such as reading comprehension and phonetics. It’s a temporary position (meaning, at most, year-long) as I attempt to pay back a fraction of my student loans, learn how to become an adult, and regularly write and blog before I return to school. It took me about two weeks and the adopted title Ms. Kasia Dude to realize that “NO” is always the correct answer to “So you’re going to be a teacher, huh?”

This isn’t to say that I’m a bad teacher, but my tendency to be fascinated by absolutely everything  leads me to stray off-topic. Today, I was reading a story with a nine-year-old boy about bird songs. We ended up having a conversation about the MLS All-Star game tonight (hosted in my very own Kansas City!), arguing about Man United and Chelsea, and praising Mia Hamm (hey,  a kid born after the year 2000 who has such respect for my childhood hero deserves my soccer-fan attention).

My accidental foray into teaching territory means that I have a whole notebook full of notes just waiting to be turned into stories. Thus, I’ve turned the month of August into the month of Blogust (GeT iT???) to challenge myself to write one blog post a day. Several, though not all, will be insights into the world of teaching by someone who is clumsy, easily distracted, and uses way too much outdated slang. Others will have something to do with Shark Week, almost definitely. Try to curb your excitement.

DISCLAIMER: I will not tell you the name of the place where I work, nor will I ever disclose any information concerning the names of my students. That’s 100 percent private information.


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