phoebe lettice thompson


Fashion assistant and photographer Phoebe Lettice Thompson is my favorite from guilty pleasure*British structured reality television show (whatever that means) Made in Chelsea. Her blog is here and it’s been the inspiration for my summer wardrobe and all-around post-grad vibe.

*Who am I kidding? Not-guilty pleasure. Totally-unapologetic-favorite-pastime. No use denying my non-ironic love of watching rich, beautiful people who are my age in posh Chelsea, London trading insults.

Note: Do you know how difficult it is to blog every day in August when you move into your new apartment August 1-3 and your wireless Internet won’t be set up in your apartment until August 10? I’ll let you speculate.

I plan on spending next week has a free wifi opportunist at whatever coffeeshop or McDonald’s will have me, but the next few days are 2 busy 2 write. I’ll be providing quick reads until I find the time and tools to write.


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