lost and found: mementos from strand

This is Strand Bookstore:

strand at the seaportWell, that’s not what Strand looks like today, but you get the picture.

This New York City shop collects and sells new, used, and rare books; in fact, its website claims that it spans 18 miles of books. I’m not sure if that’s true, as I’ve never visited. But I do spend an embarrassing amount of time browsing through Strand’s Tumblr, which might be my favorite place on the Internet. It’s something of a time capsule for lit lovers, as it posts vintage photos (like the one above) and other really lovely finds.

For example, employees also post underlined and annotated passages in used books. Much of my book collection is made up of novels that were previously owned, and I’ve decided that this is the best way to read: to find the words that struck someone else enough to set them apart and keep them in mind. Here are a few underlined passages in a couple of my favorite pieces of writing:

cat's cradle cat's2 cat's3

Vonnegut, oh you V

cummings  cummings35

The Strand Tumblr also includes lost mementos that they find within used books. This postcard is a dream:

postcard1 postcard 2

And the photos found inside yellowed pages of abandoned novels are so personal, each with a story of its own, I’m sure:

photo4 photo3 photo2

What a treasure chest.



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