hello, august 15 (throwback thursday)

It’s August 15, which means that I have halfway accomplished my goal of blogging every day this month. Writing a daily post with some sort of insightful analysis might actually be an insane commitment, and it definitely has some insane deadlines (like, every day). That’s probably why I enjoy it so much– though I can’t ignore the fact that it’s makin’ me tired, tired, tired.

So instead of some writing, here’s a bit of history from August 15, from the Newsweek Archivist.

The Woodstock Festival began 44 years ago today.


Now, here’s a throwback. My first music festival, summer 2007 in Tulsa. D-Fest certainly wasn’t Woodstock, but I got to see Shiny Toy Guns, Amos Lee (!), and The Flaming Lips (!!!). I was sixteen years old, blonde, and hopelessly unsure of myself but keen to find myself in new places.


(photo credit courtesy of Kelley, way ahead of the time with her purple hair)


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