“The idea that we will never have to be alone is shaping a new way of being.”

Several busy, busy days in a row (until Sunday) mean that publishing substantive posts with original writing are close to impossible. Apologies.

Instead, here’s a video I found on The Atlantic’s website called “The Innovation of Loneliness.” It draws upon theories from evolutionary psychology, which I recently studied in my senior capstone class at William Jewell with Dr. Staal, so finding this video was timely. I’ve also had conversations with friends about this sort of thing. A couple of weeks ago, for instance, my friends Jillian, Mary and I were discussing the increasingly artificial nature of photographs, in which people take pictures of social situations because they feel obligated to post them to Instagram or Facebook as the event is happening, rather than enjoying themselves and then maybe capturing genuine, candid photos in the meantime.

But I also think that condemning social media as a reason for fundamentally changing the way that humans interact as a species and claiming that “loneliness has  become the most common ailment of the modern world” is a pretty ambitious claim. I am always weary of these totalizing statements (the whole of humanity?), particularly because a four-minute video hardly contains enough research to back it up, nor does it address any competing theories. It’s an interesting watch, nonetheless.

I’d like to write more, but I have things to do, people! Ciao, until tomorrow.


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