how to spend a summer saturday in kansas city

I was going to type something overwrought, like “Summer’s glow is beginning to dwindle,” but, as it happens, the heat that defines a Missouri summer lasted for about two weeks and hasn’t returned since July.

Not that I’m complaining. Summer is great, but fall is my favorite.

If you feel differently and are trying desperately to hold onto these last August days, don’t fret! Just follow my advice for a perfect summer day in Kansas City.

Wake up early to go to the City Market near the river and just north of downtown. Local businesses and small-time farmers, gardeners, artisans, and bakers gather to sell their goodies to make up a colorful bazaar.

DSC02658 DSC02659

Don’t miss Bloom Baking Co. on the north side of the Market; they are always handing out samples of their baked goods in front of their door, and I’ve never tasted better bread.

Skip the pushy grocers on the west side of the Market. Don’t be fooled by the $1 plastic crates of blueberries (seriously, learn from my mistakes)–instead, buy your fruits and veggies from the farmer’s pavilion in the center of the City Market.

Then, take your groceries down to Loose Park (in one of those gorgeous, green spaces of KC) to set up a picnic.

DSC02661 DSC02662 DSC02663tumblr_mpyl7cmSFJ1qzz6wxo2_1280Enlist a friend (preferably named Jillian) to bring a gorgeous picnic blanket, basket, and mason jars filled with water and sweet tea. Sandwiches are from Bloom Backing Co. (but I might emphasize, blueberries were a bad idea).

Who knows? Maybe you’ll see a quinceañera and creepily take photos of high school freshmen dressed in clothing more expensive than anything you own.

DSC02664Walks along the park, which is several blocks long, are a given.

DSC02669DSC02666Still have time left before afternoon turns to evening? Visit 39th Street for some thrifting at Donna’s Dress Shop and Boomerang, and then treat yourself to some coffee and pumpkin chocolate-chip muffins at Mud Pie. While you’re at it, forget to take photos! Because you’re too busy enjoying yourself, of course.

Voilà. An ideal summer Saturday in Kansas City.


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