interview with a reporter, perpetually stuck under the weather

“Whoa whoa whoa. Kasia. Where have you been for the past week? Not one post. You promised consistency.”

Yeah, I know, Imaginary Blog Critic, but I’ve been sick.

“All week?”

Yes! Since last Sunday. Going on Day Eight.

“You couldn’t have whipped a brief post while you stayed home, in bed?”

See, that’s the thing. I haven’t actually taken a day off yet, unless you count after 11 a.m. Friday.

“Well, that’s dumb.”

Yeah, I know. Probably the reason I’m still not healthy. I’ve been fueling myself with loads of tea for the past few days, but my nose is still runny, my throat is still scratchy and my cough is still… cough-y.

“So why didn’t you just suck it up and stay in bed until you were better?”

A few different reasons, Critic. I’ve got meetings, I’ve got classes, I’ve got interviews, and most importantly, I’ve got deadlines. There are 24 hours in a day, and the news won’t patiently wait for me to catch up. When you wake yourself up in a coughing fit at 4 a.m., Nyquil’s failure has killed your trust in modern medicine, and the to-do list written in your planner has made its way to your dreams, you might as well get up and be productive, right? And feeling ill makes it that much more difficult, because it seems as thought the pace of any progress is like moving through molasses. My motivation suffers, my energy suffers, and my quality of work suffers (case in point: “cough-y”).

So here’s my question, Imaginary Blog Critic (and non-imaginary blog readers): how on Earth does one handle being a reporter and graduate student while being sick?


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