where have i been?//one day in savannah, a video diary

I wanted to blog regularly over the summer. I wanted to write a long blog post about why funding at the University of Missouri is so important (in short: because otherwise, people like me wouldn’t be able to afford to study journalism). I wanted to write a review of Netflix’s OZARK, particularly since I grew up in the Ozarks.

I didn’t do any of those things.

But that’s because I did a lot of other things. I began working on my Polish and Hungarian every day. I jogged, I walked, I hiked. I read War and Peace. I began to freelance so that I could actually put money in my savings account. I had a finite amount of time. And I chose to spend that time… well, not blogging.

I’m fine with it. I just wish I wouldn’t have made promises on the internet. That was silly.

I’m also hungry for new creative outlets. So here’s another thing I did: I started filming my days, and especially my trips. I put together my first video yesterday, the first day in October. I’m obviously an amateur, but I had a blast creating this video diary of my day trip to Savannah. Hoping I’ll get better at it. And maybe that I can afford better equipment.

Maybe diversifying my creative outlets will encourage more frequent blogging. We’ll see.



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