“If your Nerve, deny you—
Go above your Nerve—”
– Emily Dickinson
about the blog
I’m Kasia, and I’m a freelance journalist and writer in Budapest. This journal (“Kasia, Redux” —  another iteration of blogs I’ve kept since I was a student at Cambridge in 2011) is meant to document my somewhat unconventional life.
about the writer
I’m 27 and terrified of getting any older. I’ve lived in New York City, Washington, D.C., Kansas City, rural Missouri, a subtropical island in South Carolina, and Cambridge, England — I’m utterly incapable of staying in one place for too long. Both of my parents are immigrants in America (my mother is Polish, my father is Hungarian), and perhaps that’s why I’m used to jaunting rather than settling.
I’m a journalist and a writer. I’m small (five-foot-zero, thankyouverymuch), but I lift weights and run. I was an English major, and I have a master’s degree in journalism. One day I’ll write a novel. I believe in doing things that scare the shit out of you.

One Reply to “about”

  1. You have spunk, kid! I can relate on several levels, although it’s been a while since I started out. My son is also in possession of a degree in English, and begins work today in a halfway house for vets. I taught special education. My husband is half Hungarian. Now I write, and dream. Don’t give up on any of yours, ever.

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