“Words, words. They’re all we have to go on.”
-Tom Stoppard, from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
about the blog
Language creates. This blog is an experiment in words shaping the world. (It’s also a record of my time as a young journalist, but that sounds a whole lot less interesting.)
about the writer
I’m Kasia, and I’m a journalist. I’m currently an investigative reporter for the Island Packet, a newspaper in South Carolina. I am half-Polish, half-Hungarian, although I’ve spent about 86% of my life in Missouri. 
When I spent my junior year abroad at the University of Cambridge in England, I kept up with* a blog entitled Kasia In Transit. The goal was to chronicle the dangerous, intoxicating, provocative, and all-around excellent adventures that I would inevitably run into as I studied in Cambridge and crossed Europe in transit**. As it happens, you need money to travel, and I soon remembered that I didn’t have any. I spent more time with my nose in research than I did on ventures worthy of a Fitzgerald novel. 
So, here it is. My blog, redux: Kasia, Redux.  These are my stories, and all of it happened, more or less.***
*Did not keep up with
**Get it? The name of the blog! By God, Kasia, you’ve done it again.
***Okay, Vonnegut’s words, not mine.
Header image is not me. That’s Peggy Olson, badass extraordinaire (though fictional character from Mad Men she may be). I don’t smoke. 

One response to “About

  1. You have spunk, kid! I can relate on several levels, although it’s been a while since I started out. My son is also in possession of a degree in English, and begins work today in a halfway house for vets. I taught special education. My husband is half Hungarian. Now I write, and dream. Don’t give up on any of yours, ever.

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