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life, lately: westport and workspaces

August is a heavy month, so I do my best to keep busy and distract myself from its  weight. This time around, Kyle came all the way from St. Louis to spend a week of waning summer evenings on Westport patios with me:

DSC02789He came with Haley, my sophomore year roommate. We lived in a dorm room/jail cell, complete with concrete walls and moldy communal showers. It was a blast. Either way, we survived, and this August we celebrated Haley’s 22nd birthday and attempted to recreate the mandatory roommie photo (which always seemed to contort our face into hideous masks when we actually lived together).

from left: Kasia, Haley, Melissa

from left: Kasia (yours truly), Haley, Melissa at Piano Bar in Westport, KC

And a bonus, for your viewing pleasure! A very special Throwback Thursday collection of the four of us, September 2010.

… I’d like to think we’ve come far.

In other news, I moved into my first solo apartment like a Real Adult, while my sister Julia moved into her first dorm like a Real College Student. This means that I got to visit my family for a weekend, and they drove up to Kansas City to visit me to return the favor. Four days in one month is the most time I’ve spent with my family in two years, probably, which is an incredibly sad thing to admit.

Julia and Ania at the park in Springfield:

DSC02850 DSC02817

Ania and I danced, and then I fulfilled my most important role as a teacher and a sister, which goes something like this: “Loser, loser, double loser, as if, whatever, get the picture duh.”

Last weekend, family and I at the Kansas City Irish Festival:


Between the family, Westport and (what was essentially) a month-long Bananagrams tournament, my time was spent moving into my new place, and then blogging, freelancing, jogging, yoga-ing, and studying for the GRE.

The moving in process was a slow one, drawn out over the course of the month. Most of my time was spent organizing books and clothing, since I have very little furniture–this might have something to do with my close-to-nothing-decor budget. It also might be related to my determination to live in every city by the time I’m 30 (ev-er-y city), so I’m careful not to accumulate a ton of baggage. That’s literal, by the way, not metaphorical. Regardless, I like what I’ve done with my limited resources. Here’s a peak into my work spaces.

This is where I cook (um, make sandwiches and sometimes Ramen), eat, and study for the GRE:

Here’s where I write and drink lots of tea.

signing off and working hard, me in my own space

DSC02936xoxo Kasia


life, lately

In the words of the Decemberists, “And we’ll remember this when we are old and ancient, though the specifics might be vague… July, July, July! Never seemed so strange.”

An Irish street fair in Kansas City isn’t legitimate unless it has a performance from The Elders, KC’s (and, let’s face it, the world’s) favorite Celtic-rock band. Elders concerts can only be improved with the presence of the most hardcore of fans (Carl) and overpriced Guinness.

Sunday night dinners at the Manor, in which I took on the role of She-Who-Holds-Pots in assistance of everyone else who actually possesses some talent in cooking. (Special appearance from little sister Julia and practically little sister Emma during our most recent grill out.)

Our perfect Third of July party, in which we celebrated the accomplishments of ‘Merica that we love: overturning DOMA and Prop 8 (rainbow cake!), immigration reform (flags from around the world, and chips and salsa for Mexico), and Obama (because thanks Obama). Just add homemade lanterns fastened by baby food jars and twine onto trees, N’Sync jam sessions, and, of course, mandatory sparklers:

Sayonara July, and hey-o August.


life, lately

Summer 2013 is the first that I’ve held a Real Person Job, so it doesn’t feel much like a vacation. On my days off,

Got some sister time at a half-Polish wedding in a mid-Missouri vineyard on a warm June evening;

weekly cookouts and homemade dinners with friends (not to mention surprise birthday cakes);

and First Friday of June spent at the Crossroads Art District in KC, browsing art galleries while searching for bathrooms, dancing at a free concert for The Elders, a semi-famous local Celtic band, rummaging through street vendors, dumpster diving for rejected prints, and catching acrobats whizzing through the air on crowded streets.

Photo credit for cookout and First Fridays goes to the fabulous Mary.